who we are. what we do.

We are a collective of German, British, Swedish and Russian musicians and sound designers, operating out of Berlin. Our focus lies on audio solutions for multi-media and advertising projects and on exploring the aesthetics of contemporary electronic music.

As musicians we burst open old frontiers and constantly explore new ones. We’ve moved audiences all over the world, from clubs like Fabric or festivals like Roskilde, to gritty underground raves in Tokyo and Moscow. Our records have been played by John Peel and some are sought-after objects of vinyl fetishists and djs.

We gathered our technical knowledge in uncountable studio-sessions. Buried behind myriads of cables, faders and blinking lights, we became one with the waveforms displayed on our computer screens. We’ve been haunted night after night by the hiding spirits between the keys of our keyboards. Our heartbeat is constantly syncopated with the immanent music of our urban environment.

We follow a multi-disciplinary understanding of the creative process of sound-generation and beyond. Our goal is to create an synesthetic narrative and to generate a synergy between sound and visual culture.

This is what we are and this is all we have to offer. And we are proud of it.

We are LUCIT.

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