hecq – spheres of fury

What is a good record? One that is a truthful statement of the creators artistic and creative expression? One that tells a story? Or one that leaves a mark and an impression with the listener?

Lucit is not only one of the most creative sound and audio design collectives in Berlin, we are also deeply in love with music and its whole ecology, from innovative music videos to vinyl as its most ideal format. Being musicians with an extensive list of own physical releases and devoted music fans for most of our lifes, the descision to release music on vinyl on our own label was a logical step to take. Thus “Contortion” was born, a label run by Ben (aka Hecq) and Michail, two of the Lucit partners.

The first Contortion release, “Spheres of Fury”, (which is about to be released in March 2011), stirred quite a buzz, when the according video was released in late 2009. Not only that it accumulated more than 750000 views on Vimeo, Youtube and Dailymotion, it was also nominated for the UK Video Music Awards 2010 as “Best Budget Video”, which made it one of the most successful and sought-after experimental electronic music tracks of 2010.

“Spheres of Fury” is an intercontinental collaboration between two exceptional artists and music innovators in the sphere of electronica and post-rave dance music. On one side of the ocean there is Hecq (Ben Lukas Boysen) from Berlin, who, during his impressive career as a musician and sound designer, explored the vast fields of glitched-out beat collages and conceptual classical compositional works. On the other side there is Exillon (Jay Fields) from San Francisco, who went from dreamy and introverted electronica to a vibrant and sophisticated take on Acid, without writing tunes, that can be only enjoyed by Underground Resistance hoodie-wearing engineers. Both teamed up to create a piece of music, that stirred up quite a buzz and became one of the most sought-after dubplates of the last 18 months amongst listeners and DJs. With it’s video, that two of UK’s leading video directors, Tim Brown and Christopher Hewitt, created for it and which not only aggregated more than 700.000 views within a short amount of time,but also was nominated as for the UK Music Video Awards, “Spheres of Fury” became already way ahead of its release one of the most successful underground tunes of the year 2010.

The track itself is as multi-faceted as its origin and can be seen like a bridge within the different islands within the “Bass Music” continuum of the last years: It takes the heaviness of a Dubstep beat and combines it with the rolling amen-break action of Jungle for its rhythmical basis, seasoning it with deep 808 kicks in the break-down. Together with it’s screaming synths “Spheres of Fury” is a behemoth of a rave-anthem: Captivating, impelling, catchy and ecstatic.

The “Spheres of Fury” EP also rounds up three other exceptional talents as remixers: Duran Duran Duran, infamous for being the hardest raving US-expat with releases on labels like Planet Mu and Cock Rock Disco boils the track down to it’s full 4/4 functionality, The Teknoist, a figure-head of UK-hardcore and Hecq’s and Exillon’s label-mate on Ad Noiseam deconstructs and re-explores the tracks rhythmical foundation, while Techdiff, a music tech-whiz, up- and coming producer and international insiders’ tip from Brighton, put’s Hecq’s and Exillon’s work into a totally new context of something you can by all means call “glitch-step”.

“The initial idea for the Hecq video was born from a mutual love of 80′s war films. The bravado and attitude that pours from these movies is nothing but a treat to watch, our modern remake aims to capture some of those magical moments but with a slightly comical, modern stance. Hats off to Hecq for supplying such a moody, fast paced track. It allowed us to build tension between the two teams, and after releasing the two triggers of the flag and smoke we were set up nicely for an epic battle scene.” – Tim Brown, director.

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