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Lucit was commissioned by the Design department of the Potsdam Polytechnical College ( to create a sound installation for their stand at the DMY 2010, which took place in the historical building of Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. The stand was also nominated for the “DMY Awards”. The installation will be shown again during the “Ambiente” fair in Frankfurt/Main ( in February 2011.

The physical shape of designed objects is an expression of their underlying cultural practices. The aesthetic form and design do not merely shape a promise, but also an entire story centered around the manufacturing of said object, which finds its expression in the inherent and readable traces of the process it self. These are, however, confined to the haptic and olfactory senses.
The aim of Lucit’s sound installation, presented at the DMY International Design Festival 2010, was to make the otherwise immediate and fleeting perception of acoustic components tangible by capturing the production process. Recordings of the tools, workspace and processes used to manufacture are reshaped and compressed into audible artifacts, which are in turn positioned in the before-mentioned sound installation. Similarly, on an abstract level, these form a narrative which debates the environmental dynamics of the manufacturing process associated with the history of the craft.

Supervised by Professor Weizenegger the collegians of engineered a product collection for the Kreuzberg manufacture of Hugo Bräuer. The process of giving metal a new shape and the assembly of complicated prefabricated parts is demanding a lot of experience and a high level of handcraft aptitude. The project would like to bring this artisanry in public cognition. Therefore the project group created cutting-edge ideas for products, including highlights from fashionable speakers up to traditional bread bins.

Listen to the full piece here (14:31 min // 27,5 MB) 

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