valse automatique

Lucit was asked by the product designer Hermann August Weizenegger and the violinist / composer Mihalj „Miki“ Kekenj to collaborate on a „Gesamtkunstwerk“ from music, design, crafts and digital culture. The idea behind the project was to capture the emotions and the character of music in an object. An industrial robot, provided by the company Kuka Industrial Robot, was programmed to be MIKI’s interpreter, taught and conducted by Hermann Weizenegger to sculpt and form what Hermann calls: “poetic artifacts”.

Lucit created the programming environment which was used to connect 225 RGB-led ceiling lamps, live music, human interaction and the robotic production process into an unique aesthetical and sensual experience. For this Lucit collaborated with the composer and progammer Chris Jeffs (aka Cylob).

Clients: Absolut Vodka / HAW (Hermann August Weizenegger) / MADE

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